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Who are We?

As a leader in the industry, Zimno Tech actively engages in research and development in order to stay on top of the cryotherapy technology. We constantly explore new solutions and work with experts to improve our products and contribute to the evolution of the cryotherapy industry.

Our history

  • BeginningThe Zimno Tech company starts from scratch.

    The core of the team consists of qualified engineering staff, including the CEO with many years of experience in, among others, the cryogenic industry and the development and production of cryogenic chambers. Selection of engineering and production staff, including specialists in the field of cryogenics and refrigeration.
  • 2019First 4cool

    Spectacular development of the first 4cool cryochamber (1-4 person cryochamber). Production starts in the first facility (300m2 manufacturing, 100 m2 office space). The first 4cool cryochamber (1-4 person) is installed for Restore company in Austin, Texas, US.
  • 20204cool is conquering hearts in USA

    Several installations of 4cool chambers in the US territory. 2cool (1-2 person cryochamber) development process starts. Innovative cooling system, used as source of cold, is developed by Zimno Tech R&D team. Unique cold production technology is mastered during the 2cool cryochamber development.
  • 2021First 2cool

    First installation and presentation of 2cool cryochamber for Restore company in Texas, US. Patent applications related to the source of cold and other aspects of our products.
  • 2022New Location

    Relocation to a new modern facility (1800 m2 manufacturing, 319 m2 office space) provides enough capacity to substantially increase production. Development and expansion of the operations structure. Implementing world class manufacturing standards with quality and lean manufacturing as pillars. More than 100 chambers (4cool and 2cool) installed and operating from the beggining of the Zimno Tech.
  • 20234cool and 2cool are expanding on the map of the USA

    Over 150 cryochambers (4cool and 2cool) installed from the beggining of the Zimno Tech. Research and development of a new product is started.

At Zimno Tech, through creating devices with an exceptional attention to detail, we help to discover and appreciate the extraordinary power that cryotherapy brings.

The core of our company

R&D Department

The Research and Development (R&D) Department is comprised of engineers who are experts in the field of refrigeration and cryogenics. They are responsible for researching and developing the most advanced technologies and features for cryochambers offered by Zimno Tech. Thanks to their knowledge, commitment, creativity, and passion, they have managed to create highly innovative electric cryochambers 2cool and 4cool, which stand out both technologically and design-wise among other devices offered on the market.

The constant work of the R&D department on improving the efficiency and safety of cryotherapy chambers, researching new materials and technical solutions aims, among others, at optimizing the cooling cycle, enhancing user experiences, and ensuring reliable operation of devices.

In addition, the R&D team keeps up-to-date with the latest advancements in cryotherapy and low-temperature refrigeration to stay at the forefront of the industry and offer customers top-tier products. Our goal is to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of what cryotherapy chambers can achieve, making them more accessible and beneficial to a wide range of users.

Technical Department

The Technical Department plays a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of cryochambers installed at customer sites, which is one of the main priorities of Zimno Tech. This department is comprised of qualified engineers and specialists in the field of refrigeration and cryogenics, who are responsible for a wide range of technical aspects, from initial testing of cryochambers and their installation at customer sites to continuous monitoring, maintenance, and providing technical support.

The use of dedicated tools, software, and techniques to track the operating cycle of individual cryochambers enables them to identify any potential anomalies and take necessary corrective actions when needed. Thanks to high-quality devices and ongoing technical customer support provided by professionals, the confirmed performance efficiency of 2cool and 4cool cryochambers is as high as 99%.

Production / Quality

 Zimno Tech makes every effort to ensure that customer service is at the highest level. In particular, we take care to ensure that our orders are fulfilled on time, and that the cryochambers we offer meet the highest quality standards. To make sure that each chamber will work reliably after installation at the client's site, it is subjected to a set of comprehensive tests and must be formally accepted by a qualified team of engineers and specialists before packing and shipping. Constant supervision over the organization of production processes, purchasing, supply chain, quality control and safety, combined with continuous process improvement, allows for smooth and efficient operation of the company.

Company values

Support and encourage thinking outside the box and constant improvement, set new challenges.
Respect different ideas and opinions, respect the work of others, act ethically.

Everyone is important and every voice is heard. Support others, communicate with them.

To completing our tasks in high quality and achieving the planned results.

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