Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a cryogenic chamber and how does it work?
A whole-body cryochamber is a device in which the entire human body is exposed to extremely low temperatures for a short period of time (about 3 minutes) in order to obtain health benefits.
2What are the main applications of cryogenic chambers?
Cryochambers are used in various fields, such as sports, physical therapy, medicine, and cosmetology. They bring many benefits, including accelerating the regeneration process, reducing pain and inflammation, improving blood circulation, as well as improving skin appearance and reducing cellulite.
3What temperature range can Zimno Tech’s cryogenic chambers achieve?
Zimno Tech’s cryogenic chambers can reach temperatures up to -110 degrees Celsius.
4What are the available models and capacities of cryogenic chambers produced by Zimno Tech?
Zimno Tech offers two models of electric cryogenic chambers: • 2cool - which can accommodate from one to two people during treatment. • 4cool - which can accommodate from one to four people during treatment.
5What is the energy efficiency and environmental impact of cryogenic chambers produced by Zimno Tech?
Cryochambers produced by Zimno Tech are designed for optimal efficiency, which helps reduce energy consumption and negative impact on the environment. All products and processes conducted in the company are also in compliance with safety and environmental protection standards.
6How to choose the right cryogenic chamber for your specific needs?
Zimno Tech offers comprehensive technical assistance in selecting the right cryogenic chamber, taking into account the planned application, location and individual customer needs.
7What are the main features and technologies used in cryogenic chambers offered by Zimno Tech?
The 2cool and 4cool cryochambers use innovative and advanced low-temperature generation technologies, which translates into high reliability. The 2cool and 4cool cryochambers have many amenities such as: • private glass, allowing for individual adjustment of transparency during the session, • music on demand, • two-way communication, • session intensity adjustment, • LED lighting. These amenities allow for personalization of the treatment depending on the needs and requirements of users. Thanks to dedicated software, the work cycle of cryochambers is constantly monitored, allowing for early detection and removal of potential failures.
8Are 2cool and 4cool cryochambers covered by warranty?
All 2cool and 4cool cryochambers are covered by a 2-year warranty, during which the technical department provides remote support.
9What is the expected lifespan of cryogenic chambers produced by Zimno Tech?
The minimum design life of chambers produced by Zimno Tech is 20 years, however, with use according to purpose and proper maintenance, the lifespan can be several decades.
10Does Zimno Tech offer technical support or assistance in installation and configuration?
Yes, Zimo Tech offers technical support as well as assistance in installing and configuring cryochambers.
11Are spare parts available for our cryogenic chambers?
Yes, we have all spare parts in stock, which allows for quick repair and maintenance of our chambers in full efficiency.
12How to order a cryogenic chamber and what is the waiting time for delivery?
To order a cryogenic chamber, please contact Zimno Tech at email: [email protected]. The delivery time is about 2-6 weeks and may vary depending on the location and the number of orders in a given period.
13Are there safety guidelines to follow when using cryochambers?
Yes, when using Zimno Tech’s cryochambers, safety guidelines should be followed, which are intuitively and clearly automatically displayed on the chamber screen before each session begins. The session cannot be started without prior approval of the safety list by the chamber staff. In addition, all guidelines and instructions for operating and using cryochambers are presented to users during training conducted by Zimno Tech staff, which takes place at the installation stage of the cryochamber.
14How much does a cryochamber cost?
For exact information on prices, please contact Zimno Tech at email: [email protected]. If you have any additional questions or need more information, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected].